HMDS and Chemical Handling

Chemical handling can be a challenge whether transporting containers with hazardous chemicals or needing to transfer chemicals form one container or station to another. Take a look at some of our existing stations to see if one is a right fit your needs. Also, take a look in our cart and cabinet category for safe chemical transport and storage products. If you can not find what you are looking for contact us as we have many existing designs within our data base that might be right for you. As always, if we do not have an existing solution we can easily design and manufacture one for you! Quality, Safe and Cost effective solutions are what we strive for.

Featured Product: The HMDS Material Handling System is designed to provide a safe and convenient means to transfer hexamethyldisilazane fluid (HMDS) to and from normal use containers.  The HMDS Material Handling System includes a pump system that will collect the material remaining in spent containers, as well as collecting the material that may spill onto the work surface during material transfer operations.  The HMDS Material Handling System includes a monitoring system to allow the operator to determine the current fluid level of the storage container.  In addition, the control system monitors the fluid level to prevent pump operation when the fluid level reaches the stored set point, which can be set form 20% to 95% of a full container.