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At Pro-Fab, Inc, we feature a high tech production facility that is flexible and quickly adaptable to meet your specific needs. Our manufacturing capabilities span a broad range of products and industries. We specialize in Clean Room Furniture, Clean Room Padding, Medical and Pharmaceutical equipment to include Adjustable Height Sinks, Adjustable Height Tables, and Adjustable Height Workstations just to name a few.  Additionally Pro-Fab maintains a facility dedicated to Mild Steel Fabrication

Pro-Fab, Inc provides Custom Fabrication services ranging from one-off's to full production runs. 

What's New!? 

Pro-Fab now has a dedicated poly fabrication facility as well as a Class 10 Clean Room

Aditionally Pro-Fab now offers orbital welding and pipe spool fabrication.  In our pipe shops, we can fabricatie spools, control assemblies (valves, gauges, and sensors) in many sizes and materials.

  • Fusion weld a variety of plastics up to 8" in dimeter
  • Weld many alloys to include stainless steel 304 and 316
  • Carbon steel of virtually any size
  • Our "S" Stanp certifies us to build pressure vessels and pipe assemblies  

About Us

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Products & Services

Learn more about our wide range of products and of services to include Clean Room Furniture such as carts, cabinets, workstations and clean room ergonomic padding.  Pro-Fab has specialized in critical environments since 1992 so if you are in the medical, pharmaceutical, or semiconductor industry you have come to the right place.  We provide custom solutions as well as over 6,000 standard existing product lines. Give us a call for your next project!